Recognition Programs

Kemps values and recognizes its employees' contributions to the organization through several recognition programs. 

Service Awards
Service Awards recognize employees for their years of service with the company. Individuals are recognized at 5 year increments. 

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame is an annual event in which employees are nominated and recognized for their success in demonstrating the Leadership Effectiveness Factors.   Quality of work, commitment to customer service, extra effort, and overall commitment to Kemps long-term success is also considered. 

Spirit of Innovation Award
Innovation awards are designed to recognize a team of individuals who have generated very significant business results through innovation.  While a large part of There's Got to Be a Better Way (TGBBW) ideas are thinking about and acting on day-to-day improvements, Innovation Awards are reserved for those ideas that are a “step above” what we might expect from a team on a daily basis. 

Achieving Excellence
The Achieving Excellence Award recognizes superior individual performance.  High performance at Kemps means not only exceeding expectations in one’s own job, but also enabling others to do the same through words and actions that are aligned with the Leadership Effectiveness Factors.

President's Award
The President's Award is given to a team or teams of individuals who, through extra effort and working well together, are able to achieve superior results for the company.  The President’s Awards are based upon three criteria:  difficulty of the task, excellence in communication, and results achieved.

TGBBW awards are designed to recognize ideas that go above and beyond incremental improvements and commonly acknowledged best practices.  While a large part of TGBBW is thinking about and acting on day-to-day improvements, TGBBW awards are reserved for those ideas that are a "step above" what we might expect from someone on a daily basis.


"We work together as a family. We respect and value each other’s thoughts and ideas."
-Gaurav Singhal, Assistant Plant Manager

"Kemps works hard at building teams around each employee’s strengths while showing mutual respect."
-Shelly Drexel, Senior Management Accountant


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